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Everyone on board.
What is this!? The waves are beating … suddenly a huge water fountain shoots in the air right in front of you.
You have to be quick now! Where did sailor “Daddy” hide the binoculars? Oh, here they are.
Change the course! Full speed ahead! Everybody quiet!!
You can feel it, there it is -The big white whale.

Invisible. Wonderful.
This item makes your insulin pump disappear.
You would like to play all day and you want nothing to stop you. That’s right! That is why we invented the JUNIOR BELLY ONE for you.
With this belly band, you will forget that you carry an insulin pump on you.It is very comfy and gives you freedom – freedom to move, just like your friends.
Indeed, very clever.

Mellitus One

We offer you practical clothing solutions for your insulin pump. From our own experience, we know what it means to carry an insulin pump 24/7. We are aware of the importance of facilitating an easy handling and a good portability of the insulin pump.  The JUNIOR BELLY ONE is a belly band that allows children to safely wear the pump directly on the body, rather than carrying it around.
Our customers value our products very much and keep motivating us, day by day.