mellitus one GmbH

Managing Director: Hanna Barat
Kronauer Strasse 41
96052 Bamberg

Phone: 0049 951/96 49 340


VAT ID: DE26306337422

Amtsgericht Bamberg – HRB 8567 – Managing Director: Hanna Barat



Note on the problem of external links

The company mellitus one GmbH is not responsible for the content of websites, which are reached by a linking and which were not created by the company mellitus one GmbH itself. As a content provider, it is solely responsible for its own content, which is offered for use on the Internet.


External links, which refer to websites provided by other providers, are to be distinguished from these own contents. Due to the external link, the company mellitus one GmbH can only prevent third-party content from being used.

External links and the related cross-references are always dynamic references. The company mellitus one GmbH has examined the foreign content at the initial connection to the fact whether by it a possibly civil law or criminal liability is triggered. It is not obligated to review these contents, to constantly check for changes that can re-establish a responsibility. If the company subsequently determines itself or is informed by a third party that a concrete website, to which it has provided an external link, triggers a civil or criminal liability, it will remove the reference to this offer insofar as this is technically possible and is reasonable.