Why do I actually design and develop these products for insulin pumps? My answer is pretty simple: because I love what I do and I do it for someone I love; my son. I’ve studied fashion design and worked for small and large brands since then. After the birth of my two children in 2010 and 2012, I decided to be a stay at home mom for a while. Then in 2014, at only the age of four, my son was diagnosed with type1 diabetes. This was a big challenge for our day-to-day family life and how would I safely and comfortably “store” an insulin pump on my four year old child?! I remembered my beloved sewing machine. All the techniques that I have learned during my studies in fashion had become more relevant than ever.My son was really excited about everything I was creating for him, but I wanted to do more. After countless samples, research, conversations with physicians, and parents that were in my shoes, I realised that my product in the making could not only help my son but also improve the lives of others that are also affected. That was the sign to start up my own company and handle things in a professional way. The idea for mellitus one was born.

My biggest fan (and critic) at home keeps encouraging me to keep trying new things.

I love what I do andI do it for someone I love; my son

Hanna Barat CEO & Founder



we advocate a policy of openness, sincerity and fairness.
Honesty and trust are extremely important to us. This includes adopting an open-minded and fair approach towards our customers and business partners. As a family-run company, this value is a matter particularly close to our hearts. After all, it’s the only way to build trust – in our products, the company and our brand. The challenge of building and maintaining trust is one we are happy to rise to again and again every single day.
Satisfied parents, happy diabetic children and diabetic adults are our benchmark.
They motivate me daily to do my best and provide practical support with every model.


Natural, simple and practical materials. High quality and sustainable production have played a very important part. We therefore have production facilities in Germany & Europa. All yarns and garments have a very hight quality standart.
We clearly distinguish ourselves from cheap production and exploitation. We are convinced good quality has a price in the long term noticeable.
Only in this way can we guarantee 100% feel-good clothing.


We are committed to delivering quality you can see and feel. That’s what we stand for! For instance, we recently started using special circular knitting machines to do away with irritating side seam and now closures. We want that all of our diabetic customers have the feel good feeling, when they wearing our garments and we want to make sure the clothes still look good. Our materials, fit and processing are guaranteed to prove it. We also have production facilities not far away, so we can keep an eye on everything that’s happening all the time.


Considerable experience, expert knowledge  and a consistently high level of accuracy.
It is particularly important that the cut is tailored to the different materials used.