Hipster Mabelle – black


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It’s the wedding invitation, a unique night with girlfriends or the anniversary with the loved one:
Special occasions require special clothing. Get your favorite piece out of the closet.
That you carry an insulin pump underneath is not noticeable. With the Hipster Mabelle it disappears – also thanks to the internal cable management – easily in the underwear. The hipster is made of high quality organic cotton and noble lace, the bag inconspicuously incorporated. In it, the pump is barely felt, whether you sit, stand or dance.
The hipster is the perfect solution if the insulin pump is to become invisible under the favorite garment.

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Mellitus One

We offer you practical clothing solutions for your insulin pump. From our own experience, we know what it means to carry an insulin pump 24/7. We are aware of the importance of facilitating an easy handling and a good portability of the insulin pump.  The JUNIOR BELLY ONE is a belly band that allows children to safely wear the pump directly on the body, rather than carrying it around.
Our customers value our products very much and keep motivating us, day by day.